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                          Hi, and welcome to our shop, Retro Revivals is a small collaboration of two women who have a passion for antique and vintage clothing, jewellery and accessories.  This shop encompasses many different styles and eras, our stock comes from the tireless effort of always being on the hunt for something unique and different as we strive to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied with their unique finds.  We stock our shop with items that are not mass produced and are usually one of a kind.  We also are aware that these days being conscious of the environment is on everyone’s mind and the beautiful thing about buying vintage is you can look fashionable and be kind to the earth by making this your choice.

Payment methods:  

WE ACCEPT- Visa, Mastercard and PAYPAL   and with pay pal you have the option of using Visa and Mastercard IMPORTANT∗  Did you know that:  you don’t need a pay pal account to use their services?  you can choose to use it to safely process your credit card at no additional cost to you.  Here is what you do:   

1. select the paypal option at checkout

2-click the green “checkout with paypal” button

 3- in the page that comes up (instead of logging into paypal or signing up for an account), click the link on the left side of the scree  it says “don’t have an account? no problem, continue to checkout”

4- you will be taken to a screen where yo can enter your credit card information to complete your order



After an item checkout is complete we send out your purchase within 1-3 days of cleared payments, all items domestic and international orders are shipped by Canada post, shipping times can depend on where you live and the shipping method used, the length in which it takes for an item to arrive is out of my hands, i can give the information that is given to me by Canada post.  Insurance and tracking is available and encouraged on expensive items, I will provide the different types of shipping options that are available.   Please be aware,   that you may have to pay customs and or duties, these fees are set by your government  and are the responsibility of the buyer.  For more information please contact your customs office or postal service.

 SHIPPING METHODS:  Shipping will be included in the price for items shipped within Canada and the U.S.A, All items will be shipped by regular mail for Canada, I will add one  more shipping option for Canada in case you need your item in a timely manner. All items being shipped to the U.S.A will be sent by small packets air mail or expedited shipping, small packets air mail does not have tracking or insurance, there will be an extra option for the U.S.A for people who need tracking and insurance on their packages, there will also be an option for packages that need to arrive in a timely manner. International customers will pay shipping according to destination and weight


Regular parcelIncluded in the price of the item 2 to 9 days, includes tracking and 100 dollars liability inusrance  

Xpresspost-(fast and cost effective) 1-2 days guaranteed, includes tracking and insurance coverage                                                                             


Air mail-expedited parcel ground-Included in the price of the item- Air mail-4 to 10 days does not include tracking Expedited parcel for ground shipping this is for larger items does include tracking and 100 dollars liability coverage-4-10 days                                                                                                                                                

Tracked packet air-(for smaller to medium items that require tracking and insurance) 4-10 days includes tracking and 100 dollars liability coverage this option does not allow for extra coverage if you require extra coverage we can use expedited parcel which allows for up to 5000. dollars in coverage it costs $2.05 for every $100.00 


 Priority worldwide- (most expensive) 2-3 days arrival- comes with tracking and delivery confirmation- comes with 100$ liability coverage-signature included

Xpresspost international- (fast and cost effective) up to 4 days arrival time- comes with tracking and delivery confirmation

Tracket packet international- (fast and cost effective)-estimated delivery time 6-10 days- comes with tracking and delivery confirmation- included 100$ liability coverage

Light packet international- (for items less than 500 g)-between 6-10 days-does not include tracking or insurance coverage (see other options)

Small packet international air- (for items up to 2 kg)- between 6-10 days- does not include tracking or insurance coverage (see other options)

At the moment we do not ship larger items internationally, because it is to expensive. If you wish to purchase something larger and are willing to pay the cost you can email me at and we can make arrangements 

The prices will of course vary depending on weight and size, please be sure to mark the proper address of where your package will be going, if you want it sent to another address or you place of residence has change please be to let me know before your item has been shipped once a package is mailed out I will have no control on how long it takes to arrive, the postal mailing times are noted in the different shipping methods but sometimes other factors come into play, such as customs or holidays, that is why when possible i strongly encourage using a shipping method with tracking and insurance  this will avoid problems and stress of the loss or damage of a package, If you choose too use a method without tracking or insurance I cannot be responsible for loss or damage once the package has left.

TRACKING:  You can only track an item if you have used one of the shipping methods that offer tracking, If you want to check the progress of you package whether you are within Canada or internationally as long as you have purchased tracking on your package  you can go to the  CANADA POST WEBSITE  track the progress of your package

DAMAGE:  You can only make a claim for damage if you have used one of the shipping methods that offer liability coverage. If an item arrives damaged you must contact me immediately and I will fill out the proper forms, you may be asked to provide pictures of the damaged item and provide information to Canada post. The maximum amount payable by Canada post is 500.00 dollars on shipments containing: coins, jewellery, manufactured and non manufactured precious stones and metals. Please ensure to choose shipping methods with tracking and insurance.   Be assured I will make sure to package your item properly and use sufficient packaging materials wherever needed all this will be included with the shipping costs. 



I do accept returns on certain items but some conditions apply please read carefully:  You cannot return handbags or costume jewellery, I will accept returns on clothing unless stated “AS IS” as well as fine jewellery. Sizing and Condition of a garment are given in the description, vintage clothing is not new so I make sure to always give accurate and complete descriptions on the items condition Unless an item is misrepresented sizing and condition will not be accepted as a reason for return. An item must be approved for return before returning it, you must contact me via e-mail within 24 hours of receipt of the item with a specific reason for the return, do not return an item without first contacting me for approval via email doing this before contacting me will nullify your refund, a receipt and documentation of the approval email by Retro Recyclables with the reason for return  must be included in the returned package. Once approval for return has been given the item must be returned in the same condition you received it in, if the item was washed or worn, altered or damaged in any way a refund will not be given. Retro Recyclables inspects every garment before sending them out for delivery and the condition of the items are also noted in the description. All costs for shipping the returned item  are at the customers expense and will not be included in the refund as well as original shipping costs were they apply. These same conditions also apply for fine jewellery all pieces must be returned in original condition in order to qualify for a refund. Once the item is received and the conditions are met meaning the item was returned in same condition it was sent in, I will refund the cost of the item and any extra insurance on the orignal shipping  where it applies within 24 hours.  original shipping fees are non refundable.




We respect your privacy. Any and all the information collected on this site will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, disclosed, or loaned!

 Any information you provide will be held with the utmost care and will not be used in ways that you have not consented to. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask you can contact us at

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